Cyimbili Coffee has partnered with U.S. specialty coffee roaster, Ascension Coffee in Dallas, TX. Ascension Coffee will direct the next stage of development, including improving the quality of the farming, systems, processing, and in the end, the coffee bean itself to lift Cyimbili into the specialty coffee arena, which represents only 5-10% of all coffee produced in the world. Ascension Coffee and its founder, Russell Hayward work directly with the Cyimbili management and agronomy teams to guide their efforts. Hayward travels to Cyimbili 3-4 times each year to help the team with strategy, cupping, quality, sales, exports, pruning and future harvest planning.

Ascension Coffee imports Cyimbili Coffee and sells the green coffee direct to roasters and the roasted coffee to shops and other entities around the U.S. Ascension Coffee is committed to developing the Cyimbili Coffee brand as some of the finest Rwandan coffee produced.

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