Cyimbili Coffee plantation currently contains 40,129 coffee trees located on a 100-acre farm. At an altitude of 1,400 - 1,600 meters, Cyimbili Coffee plantation is an ideal location to grow some of the world’s best coffee.  

Cyimbili Coffee plantation currently employees ten full-time employees, 170 seasonal workers, and a team of U.S. advisors and experts.

In 2014 we harvested 16,000 kilograms of coffee and are are in position to harvest over 32,000 kilograms by 2016.

Due to the substantial impact of “potato-taste defect” on Rwandan coffee, rigid procedures have been put in place to assist with the removal of any potential potato taste from our crop. The extensive pre-sorting process we undergo prior to pulping the coffee is unique and creates a distinct transparency to the bean. What that means for you, the coffee drinker, is that our coffee is super clean and there is nothing muddying the flavors locked into the bean.

We are committed to be a self-sustaining model of best practices for farmers throughout the region, and a national leader in quality and quantity of coffee production.

The Nitty-Gritty:

Region: Cyimbili, Rutsiro District, Western Rwanda
Farm:  Cyimbili Coffee Plantation
Farm size:  100 acres, 4 zones, 33 hectares under crop
Altitude:  1,400 - 1,600 meters
Varietal:  Jackson Bourbon (88%), Harrar, small percentages of other varietals
Process:  Fully washed and sun dried
Harvest size:  2014: 1,6000 kgs, 2016: 32,000 kgs (expected)
Farm Management:  Farm Manager (B.A. Economics), Agronomist (Bachelors Degree)