Following the Rwandan Genocide in 1994, production at the once thriving Cyimbili Coffee plantation came to a grinding halt. For years the plantation was left for ruin and became a former shell of itself. In 2008, ALARM, in partnership with the Association of Baptist Churches in Rwanda and Hope for a Thousand Hills, returned with an audacious dream—to rehabilitate the once-prosperous plantation back to its original form. 

PHASE 1 (2008-2012):

  • Land terracing and pruning
  • Planting of 25,000 new trees and the restoration of 11,000 others
  • Installation of new coffee processing facilities 
  • Staff hiring and training
  • Infrastructure installations of hydroelectric turbines, sewage, and waste stations
  • Repair of the local clinic

PHASE 2 (2012 - current)

  • Increase employment to 150 (+/- 20) (seasonal and full-time)
  • 40,000 coffee trees, each tree producing about 4.5 pounds of dry premium coffee beans annually
  • 928 pounds of ripe cherries per day, 27,000 pounds per month
  • 97 pounds of dried coffee produced each day, 2,917 pounds per month
  • Ship, roast and market the beans internationally